App Development Services

The endless possibilities of having a mobile app and essential elements to beat the crowd are very well-known to you. Hence, you are looking for a reliable mobile app development company, experienced in creating an impact in the mobile market with its work. At Brainiac Productions , we are all about it.

From ideation to planning and then on to development and deployment, Brainiac Productions follows a collaborative approach to ensure that end-result is in accordance with your needs. With an expert team of mobile app developers, we have developed user-friendly, engaging, and intuitive mobile apps for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Brainiac Productions ’s Custom Mobile Application Development Services comprise:

  • Native Mobile Apps Development
    • iPhone Apps Development
    • Android Apps Development
    • iPad Apps Development
  • Cross-platform Mobile Apps Development
  • Mobile App Support & Maintenance
  • Mobile App Upgrade Services

Why Hire Mobile App Developers from Brainiac Productions ?

Cupcake to Lollipop and iOS 1 to iOS 8, at Brainiac Productions , you’ll find android app developers or iOS app developers having expertise in developing apps for different versions of mobile operating systems. To ensure that your app is ranked high at the app stores, our app developers stay informed about the latest advancements in the mobile space and use only the latest tools and technology like:

For iOS App Development

  • Languages - Objective-C
  • Technologies - Cocoa
  • Tools - Xcode

For Android Apps Development

  • Languages - C, C++, XML, Java
  • Technologies - Android Software and Native
  • Development Kit
  • Tools - Eclipse

Be it for increasing operational efficiency or customer engagement or for any other purpose, Brainiac Productions houses specialized professionals for different mobile app development needs. For flexible models to hire mobile app developers, kindly write to us at