eCommerce Writing Services

Copies that Convert Visitors into Customers

Kudos to the design team that has created an intuitive and user-friendly eCommerce store for you! Now how about complementing their job with an engaging description that compels a visitor to click that ‘Order Now’ button?

Our eCommerce product description writers churn out persuasive and unique copies within word limits that can boost the sales of your eCommerce store.

Key highlights of eCommerce Product Descriptions written by Brainiac Productions ’s writers

  • Benefits & features of products explained in a captivating manner
  • Key SEO phrases included to improve search engine rankings
  • Multiple reasons that allure a visitor to buy a product
  • Clear ‘Call to Action’

With our product description writing services, we convince the eCommerce store visitors of its credibility so that they make the purchase. We keep the descriptions SEO-friendly, simple, concise, and creative to gain shoppers’ interest.

Product Review Writing Services

Team of creative and technical content writers at Brainiac Productions is appointed to write credible product reviews for a domain of their expertise. The exclusivity and creativity of the review, even though for the complex of the products, will interest the customers, instill the confidence, and influence their buying decisions. Our writers aim at delivering reviews with catchy titles and ones which explain the significant features that a shopper looks for and clears the doubts about products’ features.

Thus far, we have helped eCommerce store from the following verticals appeal their store visitors through our eCommerce product description and review writing services:

  • Fashion
  • Footwear
  • Beauty
  • Food
  • Apparels & Accessories
  • Home Décor
  • Personal and Healthcare
  • Childcare
  • Petcare
  • Media
  • Sports & Games
  • Electronics
  • Books

We can work under tight deadlines and yet produce brilliant descriptions for the complete catalog and the products falling under it. Our product description writers not only understand the ecosystem but the tools as well on which an eCommerce store is designed and developed.

At Brainiac Productions , we can not only produce product copies but can also design a highly appealing eCommerce store for you. To get a free quote on our eCommerce Copywriting & eCommerce Store Design & Development services, (Link to Web Design landing page) kindly write to us at